Arts & Culture

caitlin with mural

A SIGNIFICANT PART OF WHAT WE DO in UCSB Housing, Dining & Auxiliary Enterprises is to provide a positive and vibrant living and learning environment for our students. Arts and culture are an integral part of any flourishing community, and this web page highlights some of the initiatives that we have undertaken to enhance our residents' experience. This is a living/breathing process, as we are continually looking for ways to incorporate arts and culture into our communities to create "The Best Housing Experience" for our residents. We have an ongoing group in place to bring this value to life (see Arts & Culture Committee below). We welcome ideas and suggestions, so please contact us at to submit your ideas.

Arts & Culture Committee

Mission:  To develop a systemic plan for utilizing art to enhance the warm and welcoming atmosphere of our communities.

In collaboration with student leadership, department staff and campus representatives, the HDAE Arts & Culture Committee aims to encourage, support and promote art, culture and creative environments. By developing programs and implementing projects, the Committee fosters an artistic balance that fits the needs of students, staff and the department as a whole. With its well-rounded representation, Committee members meet once a month and liaise with student and arts organizations on campus—like the Residential Halls Association and UCSB Library—as well as local cultural venues in the Santa Barbara area to seek opportunities to display and/or present creative works and ideas. Highlights include the annual San Miguel Stage Student Mural project, student and staff art installations and shows, and the HDAE art inventory and collections catalogue.

The HDAE Arts & Culture Committee began as an offshoot of the 2015–16 World Class Facilities (WCF) Committee based on the WCF Outcome from the 2020 HDAE Strategic Plan. The group began meeting in fall 2015 with Director of Residential Operations Tom Beland as Chair. In March 2016, Graphic Artist Eric Zobel was named Chair with the goal to form the ongoing Arts & Culture Committee, foster artistic collaboration and establish departmental policies and guidelines. In April 2016, Duane Johnson joined the Committee as Co-Chair and RHA representative. In the fall of 2022, Carol Hirashima assumed the role of Chair, leading the A&C Committee into its seventh year.