University Center Administration

This department is responsible for the day-to-day operations and maintenance of the University Center and the Events Center, and oversees Distribution & Logistical Services (Furniture Services, Surplus Sales, Mail Services and Central Receiving).

student at UCen PO boxes

Distribution & Logistical Services

Distribution & Logistical Services (D&LS) comprises Mail Services, Furniture Services, Central Receiving and Surplus Sales. Mail Services serves campus departments and academic offices and graduate student residents at San Clemente Villages. Furniture Services and Central Receiving offer expertise with moving, event setup, and large equipment deliveries. Surplus Sales handles acquiring surplus property from UCSB Departments and selling it to the public or other campus departments.

concert at the Thunderdome

The Events Center

The Events Center (also known as The Thunderdome) provides a clean, safe, well equipped venue where students, staff, faculty and community members can enjoy participating in athletic, academic, recreational or special events. It’s home to UCSB Women’s Volleyball, Women’s Basketball and Men’s Basketball, and is used by the UCSB Recreation Department for Intramurals, classes and summer camps; by the Associated Students Program Board for the Delirium and Warm Up concerts; UCSB Career Services for Career Fairs; and by various off-campus users.

Exterior of UCen from campus lagoon

The University Center

The University Center (UCen) serves as a center of student activity at UCSB while also providing a variety of services to faculty, staff, alumni and campus visitors. It comprises the following units: UCen Administration & Director’s Office, Accounting, Post Office, ACCESS Card Program, the Hub, Meetings & Events, Operations and Marketing. A variety of other campus departments, student organizations and leased operations maintain tenant space within the building, including the Campus Store, Campus Dining, Associated Students, Graduate Student Association, MultiCultural Center & Theater, AS Food Bank, Food Nutrition & Basic Needs Advising Center, University & Community Housing Services,, AS Environmental Affairs Board and CALPIRG.